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FROM afar, the steep driveway looks intimidating.  But thankfully, what's sitting at the end of the driveway takes my eyes and attention off the slope. Actually, the gorgeous looking Tudor-style building of The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands can be seen long before I could see how steep the driveway is. I've seen it right after we navigated the last turn of the meandering road from little town Ringlet before turning into the driveway. Coupled with its vantage-point location, the imposing spectacle is enough to tell us that we have almost reached our destination.  Yes, the resort is not that hard to find.

Safe to say that one doesn't really need the help of any navigation apps or signages to locate it. Opposite the driveway is a short stretch of shops selling fresh Cameron Highlands' farm produce.  Beyond the row is the highlands' vast lake which in the past was teased as teh-tarik lake for its murky coloured water. But not now. Today, the lake is healthily covered with duckweeds and water lettuce. What a view!


True, The Lakehouse is not the only colonial-themed boutique hotel in Cameron Highlands, Pahang's favourite family-holiday destination.  But, it's not hard for one to agree that the resort is probably the best for having the best location in the entire highlands. Hilltop, lake-front and away from the tourist crowd. I have yet to step into the hotel but I've already fallen in love with it. I actually didn't expect anything less from its services and facilities. Well after all, it is managed by HPL Hotels & Resorts, the same group that manages Hard Rock Hotels and Concorde Hotels, among others.

But I didn't expect such a beautiful setting. Inside, the resort is as beautiful as it's exterior. Add that with the staff's warmth hospitalities, and a real wood fireplace too, the resort makes a perfect home on the cold highlands. What really seal the deals are the little details like the turndown and personalised services. Okay, if these are typical of a high-end resort, how about a cleaned car to start your day with? Every morning throughout your stay. That is something, right?


Back in 1966, after Cameron Highlands had since 1930 established as a tourist destination in the country, retired British Colonel Stanley J. Foster started construction on The Lakehouse.  Foster had always dreamt of having his own Bed & Breakfast.  After four years of construction, the "bed & breakfast" started its operations. Colonel Foster resided in the now named Fosters Suite at the Hilltop house which was his private residence overlooking the main building. Today, The Hilltop also houses the resort's in-house spa, Satkara Spa that offers an aromatic oil massage, facial treatment and more. And today, Colonel Foster has made me one happy guest.

30th Mile Ringlet,
39200 Cameron Highlands,
TEL 05-495 6152
FAX 05-495 6213
EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
STAY An intimate resort that offers only a total of 19 rooms, categorised as deluxe room and suites - junior, family, Cameron and Foster.
EAT For a small boutique hotel, The Lakehouse offers quite an extensive range of options - The Lakehouse Restaurant, Cameron Bar, Lakeview Terrace, Highlander Lounge and Reading Lounge.
DO The best thing to do is to do nothing, just enjoy the weather, the ambience and the view.  But if you want to do something, sign up for a complimentary 2km trekking on a private trail that goes along the state reserve borders.  
GO It's Cameron Highlands!  The choice is big, from farms to markets, and lush jungle.
HIGHS The whole thing!
LOWS The steep driveway is quite nerve-wracking, at least to me.
Source : NST