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Kampung Baru Salong

11 September 2019 by 0 Comment Pekan 54682 Views
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Located at the western part of Pekan Town, close to the second largest natural lake in Pahang-Tasik Chini. The village is easily accessible bu road. It is a new settlement situated some three two kilometers from Sungai Lembing from Sungai Pahang., the largest river in Peninsular. The homestay of Kampong Baru Salongoffers various kinds of activities giving opportunities to the visitors to experience living in a pure Malay village.

Additional Info

  • Types: Homestays
  • Address: Kampung Baru Salong 26600 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur
  • Telephone: 019-9161402 - Mr. Pahang Bin Muhamad
  • Websites/ Blogs:
  • Number Of Rooms: 44