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Fun Activities in Genting Highlands Featured

1. Skyways Cable Car Ride

The 20 mins cable car ride ascending from 914 meters to 1,768 meters provides sweeping views of the beautiful mountain scenery.


2. Eco-Sports

Awana Eco Park offers a range of eco-sports and is open to the public.


3. Jungle Trekking

The Eko Trek takes one through trails that crosses streams, and is designed to provide trekkers with general information on the rainforest and its plants, birds and animal life.


4. Abseiling

For abseilier, a series of 12 abseiling stations are available at the Awana Hill Park. Multiple abseiling can be held at each station.


5. Mountain Biking

Within the park are mountain biking trails, which include a recreational trail, scenic hill trail, jungle trail and the golf course trail.


6. Horse Riding

For equestrian fans, Awana Horse Ranch offers a place for horse riding and also lessons.


7. Golfing

Carved out of a ridge at 950 meters above sea level is an award winning 18 hole golf course of the Awana Golf and Country Club.


8. Eating Out

Genting Highlands Resort offers a choice of over 35 different food outlets that range from the plush Genting Palace to cozy food courts.


9. After dark activities

Other than high energy performances and international shows, Genting is also known for having the only casino in the region, the Casino de Genting.

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