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Janda Baik

Janda Baik, which means 'the good widow' in Malay, is most likely a tribute to a nice lady who was said to have cared for wounded and tired warriors who stopped by at the place after engaging in a war elsewhere hundreds of years ago.  The place is a traditional Malay village and has become a homestay destination or tourists who visit the East Coast. Those from Kuala Lumpur flock to the place as well. As it is only half an hour's drive away and the idyllic valley offers many beautiful spots where you can rest and relax, and is farmed for flowing mounting streams and breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains.



Experience the rich legacy of Pahang. Stay in the stilted traditional Rumah Serambi with a distinctive verandah out front, where you can laze the afternoons away. Learn traditional games and indulge in local activities to add to your experience in staying in a homestay Kampung Janda Baik.


A Haven For Nature Enthusiasts

One of the most popular waterfall spots in Janda Baik is Ulu Tampit waterfall, famed for its eight cascading tiers of waterfall, with each tier offering a different experience to savor! Go on hike through the conifer forest behind Bukit Tinggi, or camp out at comfy chalets scattered around Pulau Santap where you can bring your family along for a picnic and a frolic in the river.


Getting there

By Road:

Situated about 45 km. from Kuala Lumpur, 35 km. from Bentong off the Kuala Lumpur -Karak Highway. Janda Baik is nly accessible by road. From Kuala Lumpur City take the KL- Karak Highway until you pass the tunnel at Genting Sempah. Take a short break to quench your thirst, from there take the old road and proceed ahead follow the signboard to Janda Baik. Hired taxi is always available in Kuala Lumpur.

From Kuantan take the East Coast Highway head toward KL. until Bukit Tinggi Village, turn left and look for signpost to Janda Baik then proceed pass the Konifer Recreational Park and this will take you to a place called Pulau Santap in Janda Baik.

Bus service is only available from Bentong Town but going by taxi is more convenience.

Useful Information

Contact Info:

Bentong District Cffice
Tel: 609-222 1963

Bentong Town Council
Tel: 609-222 1148

Forestry Department
Tel: 609-222 1039

Bukit Tinggi Police Station
Tel: 609-233 0222

Bentong Hospital
Tel: 609-222 3333

Health Centre
Tel: 609-233 0841

Bus Station
Tel: 609-222 1030

Taxi Station
Tel: 609-222 3711



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Visiting Waterfall

Pulau Santap

Jungle Trekking 

Ulu Tampit Waterfall

Konifer Recreational Forest

Lentang Recreational Park