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Beserah Featured

Beserah is an old-fashioned fishing village located about 8 kilometers north of Kuantan. The quaint little village has its very own charm and romance, where traditional boats are still used. It is a village that is famous for fresh fishes everyday! You can buy fresh fishes at wholesale prices here.

A thriving fishing village, Beserah is well-known for its quality dried fish and other salted sea products. Visitors can buy salted fishes from here. You can also watch the process of belacankeropok lekor & keropok leper making. 

There are many food stalls in the village. Visitors should try their famous Mee Chalong here. 

There is a batik factory in Beserah and a few handicraft centres, which sell souvenirs and decorative items made from seashells by the women of Beserah.

For swimming and seashells picking activities, you can visit Pantai Pelindung.  



Getting there

By Road:

8 km from Kuantan towards Kemaman, Terengganu by road nearby sea viewer. Also accessible by taxi or buses hourly.

Things to do





Make 'keropok'

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