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Kenong Rimba Park Featured

Kenong Rimba Park is located at the fringe of Taman Negara on its eastern and northern boundaries. This green precinct covers a sprawling 128 square kilometres of pahang's tropical rainforest. Kenong Rimba Park is home to pockets of limestone caves, which have become the destination of splunking enthusiasts. The crystal clear waters that flow through the park and high cascading waterfalls are exotic backdrops to a large array of flora and fauna.


Fascinating Flora & Fauna

Kenong Rimba Park is dominated by lowland forests and riverine vegetation. Epiphytic vegetation such as ferns & wild orchids are abundant here, also lofty tualang tree (kompassia excelsa). Also in abundance is the gigantic ficus tree or pokok ara, which is popularly featured in many local folklore, proverbs and rhymes. A profusion of pink and white water lilies floating on scattered water bodies around the park adds to the enchantment. 



Elephants, tapirs, leopards and deers are found in small numbers. Smaller mammals such as porcupines, mousedeers, flying foxes, and river otters are easier to notice along the jungle trails. However, like in any other parts of the Tropical Rain Forest, these animals are easier heard than sighted, all due to the very dense vegetations. 


Caves in Kenong Rimba Park :
Gua Batu Tinggi - Home to a variety of exotic orchids, Gua Batu Tinggi is one of the most popular caves in Kenong Rimba Park. The boat like interior is a sight to beolds. Its proximity to other caves makes a visit worth the effort.
Gua Harimau
Gua Hijau
Gua Buta
Gua Batu Tangkup
Gua Batu Tangga


Bird Watching

Kenong Rimba Park is a haven to bird watchers and nature lovers. The park is home to about 200 species of wild birds. Murai Batu (copsuchus malabaricus) is prized by bird lovers for their singing ability. Occasionally, hornbills and fishing eagles make their presence felt.


Note :
A qualified and registered guide must accompany any visitor entering the park. They are responsible for submitting visitors' registration forms to the Kuala Lipis District Forest Office prior to entering the park.



Getting there

By Road:

Kenong Rimba Park is another spectacular nature adventure destination in Kuala Lipis. Located about 42 km. from Kuala Lipis this place can be reached by 4 wheels drive through Felda Kechau. From Kuala Lipis you can hire a boat to Tanjung Kiara Jetty and this will take about an hour. From there you have to walk another one hour to reach the base-camp at Gunong Kesong.


Alternatively, take a local train from Kuala Lipis/Jerantut to Batu 9 Station, and from there another 20 minutes by boat to Tanjung Kiara Jetty.

Useful Information

Contact Info:

District Office
+ Tel: 609-355 1963


Town Council (TIC)
+ Tel: 609-312 3832


Forestry Department
+ Tel: 609-310 1550


Wildlife Department
+ Tel: 609-312 2893

Police Station
+ Tel: 609-312 2222


General Hospital
+ Tel: 609-312 3333


Railway Station
+ Tel: 609-312 1341


Bus Station
+ Tel: 609-312 5055


Taxi Stataion
+ Tel: 609-312 5106


Tuah Travel S/Bhd.
+ Tel: 609-312 2292

Things to do

Jungle Trekking

Bird Watching

Cave Exploration



Kesong Waterfall

Wildlife Observation



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