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Gunung Senyum Featured

Gunong Senyum or the Smiling Mountain Recreational Park, at 1,549 metres above sea level is an important archeological site. It is located on the Pahang River bank about 68 kilometres away from the town of Temerloh via kampung Awah and Felda Jengka 18.

The park is a part of the Jengka Forest Reserve, which covers an area of 794 hectares. Surrounded by oil palm plantations of the Jengka Felda scheme, there are two main mountains within the park, Gunong Senyum and Gunong Jebak Puyoh, the former being a popular spot to tourist and researchers.

Gunong Senyum is made up of limestone and rock, estimated to be around 3,000 years old, whilst the lowlands on the east is made of mudstone and shale estimated at around 2,100 years old.




There are 19 caves found within the park, and among the caves that arouse greater interest to scientific researchers and archeologists :

Gua Terang Bulan

Gua Hidang

Gua Taman Satu

Gua Taman Dua

Gua Angin

Gua Merlap

Gua Kolam Tuju

Gua Gajah

Gua Gelap

Getting there

By Road:

Located near the Pahang river bank at Kampong Batu Sawar just outside Felda Jengka 25 and Rumpun Makmur this limestone cave is worth visiting. There are many different roads can be accessed to this place. It is about 45 km. from Temerloh/Mentakab via Kuala Krau, 35 km. from Jerantut, 18 km. from Bandar Tun Razak, Jengka. You may also chose the road via Kampong Awah – Jengka 18 – Jengka 23 – Jengka 25 or take the road parallel to the river from the junction opposite the hospital in Temerloh.


From Kuala Lumpur/Kuantan, take the East Coast Highway and exit at Temerloh/Jerantut Exit or Jengka/Chenor Exit, then proceed to Gunong Senyum. Long distance bus serve Kuala Lumpur/Kuantan to Temerloh and Bandar Tun Razak Jengka then from there hire a taxi to Gunong Senyum.


Alternatively you can take a train to reach this place. The nearest train station is at Kuala Krau/Jerantut and from there take a taxi to Gunong Senyum.

Useful Information

Contact Info:

Forestry Department
+ Tel: 609-296 2755

District Office
+ Tel: 609-290 1313

Town Council
+ Tel: 609-290 1777

Kuala Krau Police Station
+ Tel: 609-285 1222

Wildlife Department
+ Tel: 609-296 1267

Bus Station
+ Tel: 609-296 4235

Taxi Station
+ Tel: 609-296 1812

Railway Station
+ Tel: 609-286 1237

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