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Chedoq Beach Resort

Here, "Beautiful Nature, Comfortable Air" describes everything as being natural. The Chedoq Beach Resort is a very tranquil vacation spot. a virgin natural setting in a green environment. This location will be your next goal if you're searching for tranquility while on vacation because the majority of visitor’s report that it's a really serene place. Reservations are available for the following four types of chalets: economy room, regular chalet, family chalet, and long house dormitory. In addition, there is a hall that can accommodate any kind of gathering and karaoke so that visitors can sing to their hearts' content.

Hotel Anjung

The Anjung De Hotel was established in Muadzam Shah on 19 April 2015 with the main objective of serving people with cozy and comfortable lodging facilities. The property caters mainly for travellers along Jalan Kuantan-Segamat highways and Muadzam Shah City visitors. This hotel is very accessible and affordable to stay in with Wi-Fi facility, and 24-hour surveillance. It is also surrounded by a variety of restaurants to choose from.

The Vogue Hotel Rompin

The car parking and the Wi-Fi are always free, so you can stay in touch and come and go as you please. Conveniently situated in the Kuala Rompin part of Kuala Rompin, this property puts you close to attractions and interesting dining options. As an added bonus, fitness center is provided on-site to conveniently serve your needs.

Hotel Impiana Rompin

In the heart of Kuala Rompin is the budget/boutique hotel, Hotel Impiana Rompin. High-speed internet is available to visitors at this property, which is also quite lovely given its location in the heart of Rompin with lots of attractions close by. Guests can also choose to park for free.

Chalet Rakit Pak Seman

Rakit Pak Seman is a suitable place for fishing activities and relaxation with family or friends. Rakit Pak Seman is located close to kuala rompin town, Pahang. At Rakit Pak Seman, we provide four (4) chalet concept houses and six (6) very comfortable Rakit houses. Our place is privacy because we are very concerned about the comfort and also the privacy of our visitors. Rakit Pak Seman is also suitable for those who want to gather with family members or friends because we provide many facilities. Among them, dining hall, BBQ place, dining table, fishing area and spacious parking

Chalet Indah

Make your best journey to Kuala Rompin with the promised standard of Sanitised Stays, and enjoy free Wi-Fi in all rooms. Conveniently situated in the Kuala Rompin part of Kuala Rompin, this property puts you close to attractions and interesting dining options. As an added bonus, restaurant is provided on-site to conveniently serve your needs.

Cemara Riverview Chalet

Cemara riverview chalet is a suitable place for fishing activities. Cemara riverview chalet is close to kuala rompin town. At cemara riverview chalet, we provide a house with a homestay concept, a house with a studio/chalet concept and a very comfortable raft house. Our place is privacy because we are very concerned about the comfort and also the privacy of our visitors. Cemara riverview chalet is also very suitable for those who want to gather with family members because we provide many facilities. Among them, we provide BBQ place, dining table, chilling place, fishing area, dining and spacious and fenced parking. In addition, facilities for fishing are also provided such as baits, boats and engines, safety jackets and the like. In addition, we also provide boats for those who want to go out fishing at sea.

Raid' Homestay & Chalet

Rustic family awaits your visit. Many of the services provided. You can cook yourself in a homestay or sample the delicious food at the restaurants and eateries that abound in Kampung Patau. Surely you and your family love it. You can also wander in Orang Asli villages, rice fields, fishing pier, beach and also to Tioman.

Endau-Rompin State Park

The Endau-Rompin State Park, the second largest national park in Peninsula Malaysia after Taman Negara, straddles the Malaysian state borders of Johor and Pahang. It is situated in the southern part of the state of Pahang and is named after the rivers of Endau (in Johor) and Rompin (in Pahang) that meander majestically through the Park.This State Park encompasses an area of 31,797 hectares or over 488 square kilometers and is one of the last remaining lowland dipterocarp forests in Peninsular Malaysia.Endowed with natural beauty and a rare eco-system, the rainforests of the Endau-Rompin State Park, like the rainforests in other parts of Peninsular Malaysia, is more than 130 million years old.

Rompin River Chalet

Rompin Riverfront Chalet is located right on banks of Rompin River, enabling you to experience the serenity and exotic charm of a truly amazing Malaysian heritage. With its well-appointed rooms that cater right from twin-sharing to quad-sharing options, Rompin River Chalet offers the perfect balance of comfort and closeness to nature where accommodation is concerned.Cruise along the Rompin River or even discover the fascinating surrounding islands such as Tioman, Aur and Pemanggil via the Discover Paradise Islands Cruise in our very own boats!

Rantau D'Rhu Chalet

Where the swaying coconut palms and crashing wave bid a warm welcome to those seeking retreat in this humble village. Camouflaged along the coast of Rantau Panjang, Pahang, it is a quiet little village in an ambience of kampung-style chalets, scattered with coconut palm fronting the magnificent South China Sea.

Peladang Tioman Chalet - Peladang Inn

Farmers Tioman Resort, formerly known as Farmers' Management Institute Tioman began operations in 1995 with the purpose of providing accommodation for holiday or hold a course / meeting rooms. Farmers Tioman chalet can accommodate about 50 people at one time.
It is located in Kg. Tekek, Tioman Island is located about 200 meters from the Airport or 5 minutes.

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