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Rompin State Park

Rompin State Park or Taman Negeri Rompin (TNR) is located in the district of Rompin, Pahang. It was gazetted by the Pahang State Government as Permanent Reserved Forest, under a functional class of State Park Forest in the year 2000. Covering an area of 31,797 hectares, this protected forest is sustainably managed by Pahang State Forestry Department.
TNR is a forest area that is blessed with interesting features of flora and fauna, geology and history. It has a unique natural beauty and pristine forests that are hard to find elsewhere. Among the natural resources available in TNR include 253 species of birds recorded in TNR along with 83 species of mammals including bats, 14 species of snakes, 9 lizards and 3 turtles. In addition, the forest is also famous for tourist attractions such as Seri Mahkota waterfall, Guntung Keriong Peak which is an attractive ‘plateau’ area, Padang Tujuh with its endemic flora biodiversity as well as the crystal clear streams of Ulu Kemapan and the Kinchin River. 
The State Park’s rainforest is perhaps best characterized by its biologically rich lowland mixed dipterocarp formations, which generally predominate below 300m. Various accounts of The Park, however, also pay close attention to the edaphic hill forest formations, in particular the spectacular fan palm forest shrouding the hillsides of Gunung Janing, Gunung Barat and Gunung Tujuh. The fan palms are Livistona endauensis, a species endemic to The Park and its surroundings.  
Taman Negeri Rompin (TNR) is accessible by car and located approximately 30 minutes from Kuala Rompin and 1 hour from Mersing. The junction turn off to TNR is located at Kampung Selendang. Vehicular access is available all the way by tarmac road into Kinchin Base Camp. However long and heavy vehicles should exercise caution when traveling into TNR due to narrow roads and steep gradients. There are many activities from guided to non guided that visitors can do here. For guided activities, pre-booking is required, visitors may call or email as the following details below: TNRP operation hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and open every day to the public unless stated otherwise. 
  • There are many other water activities that you can try, like river rafting and water abseiling. 
  • Mahkota Waterfall is a 50 meter-high mesmerizing waterfall located in the Endau-Rompin State Park. Visitors from the base camp will have to trek about 45 minutes to reach the waterfall.
  • There is a very unique cave in the middle of the waterfall called Kelapa Gading Cave, which is 25 meters high. It is a perfect spot to swim and picnic.

Guided Activities: 

  1. TNRP Kayaking & Swimming
  2. TNRP Lubuk Siku Trekking
  3. TNRP Jeram Panjang Trekking
  4. TNRP Bird Walk

Basecamp facilities: Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC), Suspension Bridge, Watch Tower and Seri Mahkota Waterfall

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Visitors entering TNER are required to pay the following entrance fees prescribed by the Pahang State Forestry Department in accordance with the schedule below:


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