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Profits from hotel to be used to help the poor - August 22, 2017
Profits from hotel to be used to help the poor - August 22, 2017
Raub’s Musang King durians popular in China - August 22, 2017
Raub’s Musang King durians popular in China - August 22, 2017
Profits from hotel to be used to help the poor - August 22, 2017

KUANTAN: All profits from the renamed Grand Darul Makmur Hotel will go towards helping the eight categories of asnaf; which include the poor and the needy.

Formerly known as MS Garden Hotel, the renaming of the hotel marks the full ownership of the Majilis Ugama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang (MUIP) which began paying for the hotel in instalments since 2012. MUIP deputy president Datuk Seri Wan Abdul Wahid Wan Hassan said 100% of the profits made from the hotel will go to the asnaf through MUIP.

“This is a huge increase as previously only 10-15% of the profits would go to asnaf. “In addition, the full monthly rental of RM220,000 for the hotel that is paid by MUIP Hotel to MUIP, will now also go to the asnaf,” said Abdul Wahid after the renaming ceremony at the hotel here.

Pahang Regent Tengku Mahkota Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, who officiated the ceremony, said the RM55mil purchase of the hotel will bring many benefits to MUIP. “The hotel has brought benefits like creating jobs, a halal certification for the restaurants, profits from the rental and also increase the value of the hotel over time,” said Tengku Abdullah. “The hotel is also located in the centre of Kuantan city and will continue to bring benefits and also be the economic strength of Muslims in the city.” He added that the name of Grand Darul Makmur will also bring many potential business opportunities in the future. “The decision by MUIP to manage the hotel is also spot on, where with full ownership they can run the hotel according to their policies,” he said. Tengku Abdullah also hoped the state government will be proactive in promoting tourism to attract more visitors to Pahang.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/08/22/profits-from-hotel-to-be-used-to-help-the-poor/#X1X0Iyg9coUx9OTS.99

Raub’s Musang King durians popular in China - August 22, 2017

RAUB: All parties should work together to promote local produce to penetrate overseas market, said Pahang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Tan Sri Lam Kam Sang.

He said Musang King durian species from Raub district was one such product which attracted huge interest.

“Musang King has received many good reviews from foreign visitors, especially Chinese tourists.

“They find the king of fruits from Raub very unique and delicious.

“We have brought many representatives from the Chinese trade mission here to savour the fruit and they have pledged to help promote it back home,” he said during a dinner gathering in Sungai Ruan here with some 2,000 guests.

The Chinese new village is now the official home turf for the district’s renowned Musang King species.

It will also be promoted as Malaysia’s eco-tourism destination to attract both local visitors and foreign tourists in conjunction with the ongoing Visit Pahang Year 2017.

Present to witness the “double trademark” occasion were China’s economic and commerce attaché in Malaysia Shi Ziming, the Chinese embassy third secretary Zhai Yi Bo, MCA vice-president Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Pahang executive councillor Datuk Seri Shahiruddin Ab Moin and Raub MCA leaders such as Datuk Chan Choon Fah, Datuk Lim Nget Yoon, Datuk Wong Teik Weng, Ng Leap Pong and Khoo Foo Ping.

Lam, who is also Pahang MCA deputy chairman and Raub MCA division chief, said he was told during his recent visits to China that many provinces were awaiting Malaysia’s king of fruits.

“I dare say durian from Raub is among the best in the country due to the climate and natural surroundings.

“Many Chinese told me that they were hoping to come to Raub to taste the fruit in the orchard during the season,” he said, adding that farmers should seize the opportunity to capture and expand market penetration in China.

Lam also urged the state government to help promote Raub district and its places of interest to boost economic growth for the locals.

Calling it a win-win situation, Lam said the participation of Malaysia in China’s Belt and Road initiative was a good platform to further boost socio-economic ties.

“I am leading a delegation to Shanghai from Nov 13 to 20 to take part in a food and beverage exposition. Let us all work together to promote our species of durians there,” he said, urging farmers and land owners to join him on the trade mission.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/08/22/raubs-musang-king-durians-popular-in-china/#sskXtHDK202G6gqY.99

Camping is always fun and wonderful experience. There is a camp-site near to the headquarters for the visitors who chose to camp. Camping gears and cooking facilities can be rented from Mutiara Taman Negara with a reasonable cost. All the camp-sites such as Lata Berkoh, Kuala Terenggan and Kuala Keniyam are located near to the river. Do not pitch your tent too close to the river as the water level will rise immediately after a heavy rainfall. Deposit all rubbish into a rubbish dump at the camp-site or bring them back to Kuala Tahan. Remember! cleanliness and safety must always come first.

The night walk and night safari is a fun filled trip. Visitors can engage a guide or buy a tour from Tour Desk at Mutiara Resort or Information counter in Taman Negara. The night walk will take place within the park headquarters and night safari is at Kuala Tahan. You will be amazed to sight some wildlife like Slow Loris, Owl, Civet Cat, mouse deer, and wild boar as these animals are active at night to search for foods. A lot of insect will also be sighted during the night walk, occasionally you can see the deadliest snake, scorpion and spider.

Taman Negara is covered with dense and lush vegetation is home to many wildlife including birds. There are about 300 species of birds can be sighted in Taman Negara, Dove, Racket tail drongo, Hornbill, King fisher, Crested Argus Pheasant to name a few. Wake up early as most of the birds are active in the morning and late afternoon. Bring along your binoculars and a book of bird’s for reference. Places like Lubok Simpon, Kuala Tahan, Kuala Terenggan and Kuala Keniyam are good spot for bird watching. Birder could take a boat for river trip as plenty of birds can be sighted along the river.

You could arrange this breathtaking activity with some travel agents at Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara. Your agent will brief you what to do and what to take for the white water rafting. Usually, the trip will begin at Kuala Terenggan and end up at Kuala Tahan. This two hours journey is along the Tembeling river across seven different rapids. Do not leave the rubber dinghy if your boat is capsize, always wear a life jacket for your safety.


River trip is a must for visitors to Taman Negara. Hired a boat or kayak from the Taman Negara Boat Association. The river trips here are extremely popular, you can watch the flora & fauna as you cruise up and down river. Tahan and Tembeling rivers are always the best to experience and discover the secret of the rain forest.

Visit the native of Taman Negara, this indigenous people are ‘Negrito origin’ and they are called ‘Batek’. These people are nomadic by nature, dwell from one place to another searching for foods. They build their temporary house close to a river, Fishing is their daily activity but only for their own consumption. Jungle products is their main income, with some money they earned they could buy rice, biscuits, cooking oil, sugar, tea & coffee, salt and tobacco (cigarette). The Batek people are allowed to take whatever they want from the jungle because they are part of Taman Negara. Hire a boat and a registered guide for this tour, some of them lives along the Tahan river and some along Tembeling River. You could have first hand experience to witness how they start fire from soft dried wood with rattan palm and a blowpipe demonstration. In return, give them some money to show your appreciation. Take something with you such as clothes, foods, sweets & biscuits for the children. You could also buy mini blowpipe and comb made of bamboo as a souvenir and this will help them to earn some side incomes.


The adventure of seven rapids is one of the most adventurous river trip in Taman Negara. Rent a boat from Kuala Tahan to go up the Tembeling river and end up at Kuala Terenggan. Take a chance to witness surrounding wonder of nature, passing through seven rapids and see boatman at their skill meandering his boat through rocks and rapids. On your way back, break your journey at Nusa Viilage for refreshment. Be prepared to get soaked wet, the water will splash all over, keep your belonging safe in a plastic bag especially your camera. This trip will takes about two to three hours.

From Kuala Tahan it takes about 45 minutes by 4 seaters boat to reach Lata Berkoh. It is an adventurous river trip up the Tahan river through swirling rapids and fast flowing river. You have to walk 800 meters through the trail from where you were embarked to reach the fall. The waterfall offer visitors the invigorating experience of swimming in a cool deep pool. Bring along some snacks & drinks as Lata Berkoh is nice spot for picnic. On your way back, stop over at Lubok Tenor, the sanctuary for the famous Masheer fish. Here you can feed, swim and touch them. This fun filled trip is a must to all visitors and should not be missed.


Fishing is a paradise in Taman Negara. Hire a boat with the local people to go for fishing trip. There are many fishing spot such as Kuala Keniyam, Kuala Perkai, Kuala Sat, Kampong Mat Daling and Jeram Perahu. Kelah (masheer) fish is a challenge to anglers to catch, ripe palm oil husk is a favorite bait for Kelah fish. Beside Kelah, other fishes like Sebarau, Tengas and Tengalan also can be catch. If you intend to go fishing for just a few hours or half a day, you could do it along the Tembeling river between Kuala Tahan – Kuala Trenggan.

Gunong Tahan is the highest peak in the Peninsular of Malaysia. This tough and adventurous trip is only for people who would like a challenge to scale and conquer the summit. To scale the mountain it’s take a week (7 days, 6 nights) for a return trip. Make the arrangement with the Wildlife Department in Kuala Tahan, engage a better guide and set the date. It is advisable for you to do it during dry season ( March – October ). Get some advices from Wildlife Department about equipments, foods, clothes, cooking facilities, insect repellent, first aid kits and camping gears. Always follow your guides instruction, they are expert and know the trail better than anyone. Safety and Cleanliness must always come first, come back in one piece, throw rubbish in the rubbish dump at the camp site or deposit it in your bag and bring back . You will be awarded a certificate endorsed by The Wildlife Department.

A proposed itinerary for Gunong Tahan.

Day 01 : Kuala Tahan – Melantai Camp (8-9 hrs) camping
Day 02 : Melantai Camp – Putih Camp (5-6 hrs) camping
Day 03 : Putih Camp – Padang Camp (8-10 hrs) camping
Day 04 : Padang Camp – G Tahan – Padang Camp (6 hrs) camping
Day 05 : Padang Camp - Putih Camp ( 7-8 hrs) camping
Day 06 : Putih Camp – Melantai Camp (5-6 hrs) camping
Day 07 : Melantai Camp – Kuala Tahan (7-8 hrs)


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