Maran is a little district located between Kuantan and Temerloh. It is also known as Bandar Ayam Kampung . Maran is a town that focuses on agriculture, farming and fishing.

Place to Visit in Maran :

1. Teladas Waterfall

It is located 1 km from Maran Town and can be reached using car. It is suitable for picnics and leisure time with family.The waterfall is also put under observation by the Pahang state government since it is located in the forest reserve.

Parking lots for cars are provided for visitors coming here. The place will be crowded with visitors especially during weekends. The road that leads to the waterfall can only be used by private vehicles. Public transportation can be used to go there but only until the junction, which is about three kilometres from the waterfall area.

2. Hutan Lipur Lubuk Yu

Lubuk Yu is popular among the locals. It is located about 32 kilometers from Maran. The place is crowded with visitors during weekends and holidays. Parking lots, public toilets, food stalls, and camping sites are provided for visitors. 

3. Jerangkang Waterfall

The waterfall is located 17 kilometers from Paya Gelugor. Visitors might need to use 4WD to arrive there. Transportation to the waterfall can be arranged by local viilage. According to the local, there are about 40 separate waterfalls. 

4. Sri Maranthandevar Temple

The temple is located 38 kilometers from Maran and was founded in 1891, in the midst of palm oil and rubber plantations. It is rather secluded, ideal place for meditation and spiritual contemplation. This ancient temple has to be one of the greatest spiritual sites in Malaysia. Every year, around 400,000 devotees from all over the country congregates at the temple for the Panguni Uthiram Festival between March & April. 

5. Paya Teras Fishing 

 Located about 5 km from Maran Town.