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Listing of Local Tours in Kuantan

* For details please consult your travel agent.
+ Listing of Travel Agencies in Kuantan

kuantan town tour
Kuantan Town Tour

4 hours

kuantan river cruise
Kuantan River Cruise

1-2 hours

kuantan heritage tour
Kuantan Heritage Tour

3 hours

Cherating village
Cherating Village Tour

3-4 hours

turtle watching tour
Turtle Watching Tour

5-6 hours

deep sea fishing tour
Deep Sea Fishing Tour

1 day

cave waterfall tour
Cave & Waterfall Tour

3-4 hours

sungai lembing
Sungai Lembing Tour

4–5 hours

sun rise 
Panorama Sun Rise Tour

4–5 hours

Agricultural Park Tour

2 hours

berkelah waterfall tour
Berkelah Waterfall Tour

5–6 hours

gunong tapis park 
Gunong Tapis Park Tour

3–4 days

homestay program
Homestay Program

1–3 days

pulau ular pahang 
Pulau Ular Tour

1 days