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More Things To Do In Temerloh

1. Pekan Sehari Temerloh

This weekly bazaar happened to be on Sunday held at Lurah Semantan from as early as 7.00 am until 1.00 pm. People from local villages come to sell their products such as all kinds of vegetables, fruits, traditional delicious foods, fresh water fish from the river, ulam (vegetable taken raw) as well as clothes.

They are selling their products on both sides of the road along the mosque, water front until the mini stadium. REBONG (Young Bamboo Shoot) is a favorite delicacy, cook with fresh water fish and coconut milk. Not to be missed is IKAN PATIN MASAK TEMPOYAK (cat fish cook with Durian paste) as this is what Temerloh famous for. If you are looking for fresh water fishes then this is the right place. Here you can easily buy ikan Patin, Temoleh/Temelian, Baung, Haruan, Tapah, Kaloi, Tengalan, Belida, Kerai, Lampam, Jelawat and ikan mungkus (only in season) usually after the flood resume. Although you will find the price is a little bit deer due to the high demand but it is always negotiable.

Whenever you are in Temerloh, don’t forget to eat Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak and Chicken Rice at Temerloh Old Town perhaps it’s one of the best in the country. You can also take away for other member of your family. For those who would like to take some raw Ikan Patin back home, just go to Bangau Tanjung village, buy them from the owner directly.

2. Homestay Program

There are 3 homestay programs in Temerloh :

Desa Murni - You can take a taxi ride or bus to Desa Murni from Temerloh or Jerantut. Contact : 6019 - 986 5070

Rumpun Makmur - There are no bus services to Rumpun Makmur. Contact : 6019 - 930 8559

Jengka 25 - There are no bus services to Jengka 25. Contact : 6019 - 957 7788

3. Visit Institut Bio-Diversiti Kebangsaan

It is located in Rengit Hill. 18 kilometers from Lanchang Village. Visitors can get a glimpse of wildlife exhibition and museum

Contact : 609 - 279 0448

Open : Monday - Friday, Office hour.

Nearby : Deer Farm / Bukit Rengit Waterfall / Orang Asli Village

4. Fishing

Pahang river is one of the best fishing ground in the state. There are many different species of fresh water fishes as well as (Udang Galah) fresh water prawn, Patin, Kerai, Temelian, Tengalan and Kaloi to name s few. Peoples from outside, come to Temerloh to go fishing in the river. Some just come for the day, some pitch up tent for the night with their friends. This activity happen all year round especially during dry season between March – October.

Bring along your fishing equipments, look for remote area and find a suitable and pleasant place where there are ‘LUBOK’ a deep pool. In certain village you can hire a motorize boat or canoe to move around the river in search of right and convenience spot. With good baits, right time, right place and a little bit of luck will bring a good catch. The best time for fishing is in the morning and evening of the day. You also can use the floating net as this method used to catch more fishes. Sometimes, during dry season where sand bars are around, you can use trawling net too, to catch big and small fishes.

5. The Pahang River Rafting

The Pahang International River Rafting Expedition was first held in 2001 organized by the State Government of Pahang. The main objective of this event is to promote Pahang river as a destination for nature & adventure enthusiasts. ‘Experience The Extraordinary Pahang River’.

Temerloh is just a perfect place to start your expedition and end up at Pekan. Meet and talk to the local people as they are used to this kind of activity. Hire them to build a bamboo raft according to the size that you need and the price is always negotiable. Take basic camping gears, cooking facilities, insect repellent, plastic canvas, clothing, foods and drinking water for you. You may stop at certain villages on the way to get foods supply as well as staying overnight. Pitch your tent on the sand bar is a wonderful experience. You are advise to do this activity during daylight only and the best time is between March – October.

It will takes 5/6 day to reach Pekan, anyhow the duration will depend on the water level. As you go downstream the water flow swiftly and the river get wider and shallower. During dry season, you must know to choose and meander the right part of the river otherwise you might end up pushing your raft. Make sure your raft is equip with 2 paddles and 2 poles. ‘Safety must always come first’, do not jump into water if you can’t swim and always wear a life jacket. Here are some suggested places/villages for you to stop/stay overnight, namely GUAI, KUALA TRIANG, KUALA BERA, CHENOR, PESAGI, LUBOK PAKU, SERENGKAM, BELIMBING, PALOH HINAI, PULAU MANIS, GANCHONG before end up at Pekan (The Royal Town).

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